Ottawa Wedding Videography & Photography – The Perfect Combination

At CESOIR studios we offer you the option of both photography and film packages for your wedding.
We’ve shot a lot of great weddings over the years and know what many couples are looking for in both photo
and film services. We’re able to provide an amazing photography and film service as one team that creates
a stronger final product for you in the end.

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Ottawa Wedding Videography and Photography

Our experience as filmmakers helps us create a perfect balance of photo and video during your wedding day.
When different teams work together they may have different styles of shooting and arranging
the schedule and this can hinder your overall product. Since we all work together as one unified team we know when
we need to switch roles during the exact time to maximize the best shots for both photo and video.

There are times when the light is best captured by video and we direct you for the best film shot at that time.
As a photographer who shoots films we know when we can use flash and when it’s best to shoot without.
We’ve seen many novice photographers shoot flash non-stop which then interferes with the film shots because the flash
has a visible strobe affect on the cameras censor.

Overall, we have a lot of experience with both mediums. If you would like to consider adding a film to your photography
package we can definitely discuss the options with you.

Ottawa Wedding Videography and Photography services by CESOIR studios.

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