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Wedding Photography Packages – 2018

Thanks for considering us to be a part of your wedding day for photography and videography. In this video I’m gonna go over our ‘Wedding Photography Packages’ for you.

I’m gonna break down exactly what’s included in all of our packages from the 8 hour photo packages and the 12 hour photo packages.

Take a moment and click below this video so you can download our PDF and follow along so you can see exactly what I’ll be referring to and what scenes will be included in your film. You can also see the current prices for the packages.

We have 3 main packages for you to choose from.

1. Emerald
2. Sapphire
3. Diamond

The Emerald package is shot with 2 photographers for 8 hours. They’ll be a lead photographer at your wedding and a second photographer as well. It’s nice to have 2 photographers because one can go to the girls home in the morning and the other can go to the guys house. Plus two angles are always better than one. In the end you’ll have about 500 – 700 edited images.

The second package we have is called Sapphire and it’s a 10 hour coverage with 2 photographers. This package gives you 2 extra hours of shooting time and you can always extend the time a little further by adding 2 extra hours to get a full 12 hours of coverage. With this package you get 600 – 900 fully edited images.

The third and final package we have for you is the Diamond package. This includes a full 12 hours of shooting with 2 photographers. You get about 700 – 1200 edited images. Plus the addition to this package is an engagement session. By having an engagement session you can get to know our photographers and we can help you practice some of your poses for your wedding day. If you’d like to see a behind the scenes video of one of our engagement session then click on the link below this video.

If you’d like to see a full wedding album then send us an email at and we’ll send you a link to a few recent weddings so you can see exactly how we edit each and every single photo. It’ll give you the chance to really see the amount of coverage you’ll get for your wedding.
If you have more questions check out all of our FAQ videos on our websites and

Thanks for considering us for your wedding and I hope I can meet you and talk about the great shots we’ll get for you very soon. Bye for now.

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